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Post  ZACK on Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:26 am

The following rule are sujected to change any time for any reason, by any Admin. And all changes are without any announcement.
All rules are not perfect. We can take action to those who violate the rule, but I didnt cover it here.

Player rules: Whoever plays ZackMS
1. You can't use hack, no matter what. The only approve hack is the gm client, and only gm can use it.
2. Do not advertisment in the game about other website, game or any other content beside EnigmaMS.
3. Respect to others, GM, Admin
4. You must responsible for what you said, and what you do.
5. Do not try to crash the server.
6. Everything you did, must be legal under USA's law.
7. Never spawn in FM entrance, or any Town.

GM rules: Any GM having level greater than or equal to 1, and less than 1000000
1. follow player rule
2. GM can't give free level to any players by using commands or training them(Including level 1-10GMs and fake GM).
In addition, GM can't party them, and the GM kill the monster, and the player levels.
3. GM can't give free items to normal player, except from event, only to winner, or top 3. Winner gets highest prize, and 2nd place get lower. 3rd place gets lowest(Including level 1-10GMs and fake GM)
4. Do not ban/jail others for no reason, or a bad reason.
5. Do not use your gm power for your own benefits, or your friends' benefits.
6. Do not kill others which will make them angry.
7.The limit for exchanging items won from events is one day.

Admin rules: Any GM having level of 10000
1. follow player rule, and gm rule.
2. Do not give out GM/in-game Admin without an acceptable reason.
3. Don't make people GM if they say its their birthday.
4. Don't make maxed stats items for normal players if they don't 1k rebirths. (must delete 31000+ necklace, and set all stats to 4)
5. Don't make over 10 maxed stats items for GM 1000, not more than 5 maxed stats items for GM 100. For GM 10, and 1, treat them as normal player, when you making maxed stats items.

Super Admin rule: (For those who can access the remote server)
1. Follow Santi's rule. (Santi is our owner)
2. Follow all Admin rules, GM rules, Player rules.
3. Do not shut down the server when it is not necessary.
4. Do not give out remote password/username without santi permission, as well as remote ip

Owner/co-owner Rule:
1. Respect others, GM, Admin.

Forum Rule
This applys to whoever come to this forum.
1. Only post content that is legal under USA law. This include no copyright content, no porno related content, no violance content, etc.
2. No spam to any post. replies, or topics such as "hello", "i am good" etc
3. Please post your topic under corresponding forum section.
4. Do not advertise in the game about other website, game.

reply here for any suggestion.boxuede

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